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Theatre: The desire to build castles

The desire to build castlesA self-examination

Following ‘A Gesture to Find’ (2012) and ‘Travelling in Former Colonies’ (2014), ‘The Desire to Build Castles’ continues the Pilkentafel’s theatrical-performative reflection on colonialism and contemporary refugee policy.What drove Europeans to conquer foreign lands and build castles there as their first act? This question is at the centre of a performative staging that ranges from the supposed discovery of Africa to today’s refugee policy. In 200 kilograms of sugar, the essential stage element and requisite, “entanglement and futility, loss and waste, abundance and weariness, … it is a self-examination of our colonial heritage on our colonial white body”. (Announcement of the production)Click here for the archive of the play. There you can browse through more background information and other materials.