Recht ist ein Sticker auf blauem Untergrund zu sehen. Der Sticker ist rechteckig und rot. Das Rechteck ist in drei Teile unterteilt, so dass drei Boxen untereinander entstehen. In jeder Box steht in weißer Schrift "Wo kommt eigentlich der Ru[h]m her?". In der linken Bildhälft ist im Hintergrund des aufgeklebten Stickers der Flensburger Hafen im Sommer zu sehen. Zwei Menschen laufen Hand in Hand am Hafen entlang.

Postcolonial city walks in Flensburg in spring 2023

Postcolonial city walks in Flensburg in spring 2023

Between mid-March and the end of May, postcolonial city walks will again take place in Flensburg’s city centre. Together with the participants, the initiative Postcolonial City Walk Flensburg will take a critical look at how the colonial era has shaped the city of Flensburg and us as its inhabitants. How are Flensburg’s trade and maritime connections linked to the exploitation and oppression on the formerly Danish-colonised Caribbean islands of St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. John? Colonialism is not understood as a historically closed epoch, but as a system of power and exploitation that is still effective today.
The tour leads through four stations along still existing traces of colonial history. We will deal with the change in consumption through so-called colonial goods and racism in advertising, as well as its effects and persistence in today’s world and in ourselves. Other aspects covered are ways of dealing with memories, such as monuments and the question of what sugar and bricks have to do with all this, and more.
The tours start in front of the Flensburg Maritime Museum (Schiffbrücke 39) and last about two hours. The standard language of the tours is German if not indicated otherwise. Participation is free of charge. The initiative is happy to receive donations, which will be passed on to decolonial projects.

Registration at flensburgpostkolonial[at] is helpful but not necessary.

More information and dates are available at

March 2023
Sunday, 12 March at 10 am City walk in English
Friday, 24 March at 5 pm
Monday, 27 March at 5 pm

April 2023
Sunday, 16 April at 10 am
Tuesday, 18 April at 5 pm
Tuesday, 25 April at 5 pm

May 2023
Friday, 5 May at 5 pm
Sunday, 7 May at 10 am
Tuesday, 16 May at 5 pm
Friday, 26 May at 4 p.m. – Tour of the Diversity Days programme at Flensburg European University